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Swollen Left Leg

A large women came limping into my therapy room. She lifted up her long pants to reveal her badly swollen right leg. I asked her how this happen? She said she was doing some heavy work that required a lot of bending and the next day her leg became numb and started swelling. She had seen a doctor who gave her painkillers but the swelling persist until her legs was 30% bigger than normal. I proceed to scan with my hands and found a lot of blockage. I removed the blockage behind her knees where the lymphatic glands are located so it could discharge the fluid that had built up and cause her swelling. After 40 minutes of improving her circulation her swelling had reduce to 15%. She was amazed and I told her to come back the next day for further treatment. She however did not return but called up to say her swelling had gone down to the point it was almost normal. She did complained that her children did not belief her when she told them about her qigong treatment and recovery.

Frozen Shoulder

I was at a get together and a man who is a restaurant cook complained about his frozen right shoulder. He had chronic pain for the past 3 months when rotating his shoulder and as a cook he needed to do so repetitively and it was agonizing. He had seen doctors that had given him injections and painkillers. He had also seen an acupuncturist. I told him to try qigong.

I proceeded to unblock his right shoulders and relax the muscles around it. I then placed my hand on it and connected to his energy which allowed me to move his shoulder slowly. There was a slight ‘cluck’ sound. I than reduced inflammation around the shoulder. He said he felt my hand were very warm.

After a 30 minutes I asked him to test. He started rotating his right shoulder and twist him arm behind him and stretch his neck back and forth. He looked puzzled and said he could not find the pain anymore. I told him to rest a few days as the healing will continue for a while.

Slip Disc or Herniated Disc

At 9.30pm just two days before Chinese New Year celebration I had an emergency call from my sister in law who was in her 50’s. She was in a state of panic as she was unable to move or feel her right leg. It seems she was walking down the stairs when she heard a loud cracking sound and suddenly her right leg went numb and limp. She sat on the stairs wondering if she had just suffered a stroke but her arms and head were fine only her right leg had gone limp. Her daughter drove her to my therapy room. She got off the car with a walking frame. Her right leg was limp and dragging behind her with her foot twisted at 90 degrees.

I asked a diagnostic questioned, did she squat down or carry any heavy objects before the incident. She replied she was squatting for 30 minutes washing clothes in the bathroom. I knew that this position often leads to slip disc! I use Qigong to scan her back vertebrae with my hands and felt blockage at the lumbar area. I unblock and sweep each time she said her right leg experience an intense sour pain. This confirmed my suspicion it was a slip disc at the lumbar area as moving the chi in that area cause sciatica pain (radiating pain with or without numbness) behind her knee. After energizing each vertebrae I proceeded to pull the blocked energy from the sole of her feet and flushing it out by sending energy from her feet to her spine and out again through her sole. She experience some slight pain but it begin to diminished as I continued until it was gone. I finish off by energizing her knees.

I told her to test it, she stood up now with less pain and her foot was now straightened. She could now shuffle about. Treatment time one hour. Follow-up treatment of 30 minutes the next morning helped her to walk without her frame. The numbness had been reduced considerable. After the 3rd and 4th treatment she was almost back to normal except for some pulling pain behind her knee which I worked on. She was very happy and relieved over her quick recovery as she can now celebrate Chinese New Year and visitations. However I warn her not to squat or carry any heavy objects.

I told her if she were to go for conservative western medical treatment they would locate the problem with MRI scan and pump her full of painkillers as all they could do was allow the herniated disc swelling to reduce in size naturally with rest which would take an average 6-8 weeks even with regular physiotherapy. If this fails after 8 weeks they will consider operating. Steroid injections are sometimes carried out but requires x-rays to inject at the inflame disc and does have side effects but still less risky than an operation. Medical qigong does two things. It reduces the inflammation shrinking the bulging slip disc quickly and relaxes the muscles to reduce spasm and pain. This is why medical qigong works.

Fever & Lethargy

My 3 year old nephew.

He had high fever that refuse to go away. The doctor had put him on paracemetol syrup. He was not eating and drinking, very lethargic. On the third day of fever I came and saw he was yellowish due to high fever and lack of nourishment. He vomited as they try to sit him up. I advise taking to hospital. Meanwhile I proceeded to do qigong healing as he lies down on the bed. I removed energy blocks behind head and sweep down the fever and did sound qigong to break up fever and increase immune system.

He open his eyes an turn to look at me when he heard the strange sounds I was making. His grandma said I am singing. We were surprised when he started singing ‘Old McDonald had a farm’. He proceeded to get down from the bed and started playing with his toys. He even took a cup of water to drink on his own. His face was not yellowish anymore but reddish. We decide it was not necessary to send him to hospital as his complexion had improved and he was playing normally.

I call to check in the evening and the parents say he was active first time in 3 days. Fever was also lower.

Next day did another round of qigong. That night he had no fever.

Medical qigong works by activating the body’s innate ability to heal itself by increasing its immune system response. Normally the body will heal itself in 5 to 7 days after a viral attack. Qigong just hasten it. It is natural healing amplified to a faster rate.

Swollen Shoulder due to Sprain

I believe sharing our healing experience encourages all of us with our success stories. We also learn from each others experiences.

I did qigong healing for my worker who sprain her shoulder yesterday while helping an old lady in the retirement home. Her shoulder was swollen and she could not move her arms backward. She could extend her arms by her side and forward but not back so could not even clasp her bra strap.

I just held her shoulder and guided her arm as the energy moved it. I let go once she had the confidence to allow it to move itself, even though it was painful. She was doing very well, sometimes even punching vigorously and bending her arms backward. After 20 mins of movement, she said with surprise there is no more pain.

The following day I ask her how's her arm. She replied her swell on her right shoulder is gone! I was a little concern as she was very vigorous in her chi movement yesterday. Normally we try to rest it so as don't aggravate it. This shows the chi energy we use goes against the western approach of immobilizing the injured part. She mentions there is still a little pain when reaching down. I did another 10 minutes medical qigong and she has a full extend of movement without pain and it never came back.

I believe western approach ito sprain is RICE- rest, ice, compression and exercise. Under physiotherapy it will take earliest a week to recover. But with qigong a matter of minutes or hours.

Disclaimer: Client should ascertain with doctors that there is no fracture.

Sinus Facial Pain & Deafness

Client was a teenager on Skype for therapy and she mention that she is having severe migraine, her left ear has gone deaf and she could not move her eyeballs because it increases the intensity of the migraine. I asked her when she had this problem. She said she had this three days ago when she was returning home by plane. She has sinus but made worse by a flu, when the plane was slowly descending she felt like her face was being rip off. It was so agonisingly painful that she cried. It was 15 minutes of hell. Once it landed she realise she could not hear anything in her left ear and she had this migraine.

I told her I will try medical qigong on her. I tried clearing and unblocking her congestion from the chin to forehead and then with tripod fingers from ear to ear. She said she felt only 15% better. I told her I will do sound healing. I used a lower frequency ‘Fu’ sound healing directed between her ears and eyes. After the third ‘Fu’ she said she was 70% better. I did another two times and she said her migraine was gone, she could move her eyeballs without pain and she could now hear! Noting that I did all this with distant healing through Skype!

What she experienced was a ‘vacuum headache”. Quoting from an ENT website,

‘Another kind of sinus headache is the one that occurs in the sinus areas during descent (landing) in an airplane, especially if you have a cold or active allergy (this is called a vacuum headache).’

Idiopathic Scoliosis

Client is in her 40’s and had been complaining about back problems. Every morning her back felt stiff and she has to carefully get up from bed. Sometimes if she is not careful she will experience a painful slip disc. I noticed that her spine was slightly misalign and this cause her left shoulder to tilt and become lower than her right. Her neck and posture was tilted forward resulting in a haunch. This will of course cause her pelvis to be tilted too.

I proceeded to used medical qigong to align her spine and pelvis. Treatment was only 30 minutes without any pain of discomfort while standing. There would be some involuntary movement as the body seeks to correct itself. The body knows best and is self-healing. There is no manual manipulations or application of pressure. It is gentle and relaxing.

Scoliosi C type Scoliosi S type

A week later she came for a second treatment. She mention excitedly that she no longer struggle to get out of bed. This time I work on her shoulders, neck and head for 30 minutes. The result can be seen in the photographs. She will need another 2 or 3 sessions to set the new alignment and improve on her shoulder blades.

Scoliosis client improvement results

While medical qigong can help with idiopathic scoliosis there are other types that may not be so effective. Also medical treatment that implant steel pins and fused the backbones together is considered permanently damaged. Medical qigong can only help the body correct itself naturally and surgical medical interventions described above will no longer allow the body to correct itself naturally.

While medical qigong can help with idiopathic scoliosis there are other types that may not be so effective. Also medical treatment that implant steel pins and fused the backbones together is considered permanently damaged. Medical qigong can only help the body correct itself naturally and surgical medical interventions described above will no longer allow the body to correct itself naturally.

Below is an explanation about scoliosis from www.webmd.com

What Causes Scoliosis?

There are many types and causes of scoliosis, including:
Congenital scoliosis. Caused by a bone abnormality present at birth.
Neuromuscular scoliosis. A result of abnormal muscles or nerves. Frequently seen in people with spina bifida or cerebral palsy or in those with various conditions that are accompanied by, or result in, paralysis.
Degenerative scoliosis. This may result from traumatic (from an injury or illness) bone collapse, previous major back surgery, or osteoporosis (thinning of the bones).
Idiopathic scoliosis. The most common type of scoliosis, idiopathic scoliosis, has no specific identifiable cause. There are many theories, but none have been found to be conclusive. There is, however, strong evidence that idiopathic scoliosis is inherited.

Who Gets Scoliosis?

Approximately 2% to 3% of Americans at age 16 have scoliosis. Less than 0.1% have spinal curves measuring greater than 40 degrees, which is the point at which surgery becomes a consideration. Overall, girls are more likely to be affected than boys. Idiopathic scoliosis is most commonly a condition of adolescence affecting those ages 10 through 16. Idiopathic scoliosis may progress during the "growth spurt" years, but usually will not progress during adulthood.

How Is Scoliosis Diagnosed?

Some clues that a child may have scoliosis include uneven shoulders, a prominent shoulder blade, uneven waist, or leaning to one side. The diagnosis of scoliosis and the determination of the type of scoliosis are then made by a careful bone exam and an X-ray to evaluate the magnitude of the curve.

Medical Treatments for scoliosis include:

Braces. Bracing is the usual treatment choice for adolescents who have a spinal curve between 25 degrees to 40 degrees -- particularly if their bones are still maturing and if they have at least 2 years of growth remaining.

The purpose of bracing is to halt progression of the curve. It may provide a temporary correction, but usually the curve will assume its original magnitude when bracing is eliminated.

Surgery. Those who have curves beyond 40 degrees to 50 degrees are often considered for scoliosis surgery. The goal is to make sure the curve does not get worse, but surgery does not perfectly straighten the spine. During the procedure, metallic implants are utilized to correct some of the curvature and hold it in the correct position until a bone graft, placed at the time of surgery, consolidates and creates a rigid fusion in the area of the curve. Scoliosis surgery usually involves joining the vertebrae together permanently-- called spinal fusion.

In young children, another technique that does not involve fusion may be used because fusion stops growth of the fused part of the spine. In this case, a brace must always be worn after surgery. Many studies have shown that electrical stimulation, exercise programs, and manipulation are of no benefit in preventing the progression of scoliosis. However, people with scoliosis should stay active and fit.

Read more about Scoliosis.


Qigong Testimony Stroke patient.

Patient is about 40 years old and had just suffered a third stroke a week ago. She had just been dicharged and she gave a WhatsApp account of her medical qigong healing experience.

Hi everyone. Just came back from a Qigong healing session with Mr. Isaac.

I came in with pain on the left side of the body, arms and legs especially the left neck area. I could barely lift my left arm. After effects of past week's stroke. I was also feeling very lethargic and I told Isaac I will go home right after the session as i was feeling fatigued. After the session, I was talking to Isaac and didn't notice that I was lifting my left arm whilst talking. I also felt more energetic and instead of going straight home, I walk about briefly and had some Salmon bento. Now on the train to Shah Alam and yet don't feel as tired as before the Qigong treatment.

Just wanna add, I was limping a bit before the session, as my left side of body and left leg was weak, but ... like magic not limping anymore. Pain there is gone. Wanted to go wondow shopping just now, but didn't want to overdo it ... 😝
Thank you Isaac. I'm so happy!! 😊

Thank you! Yup, I'm really happy because I was quite unwell this morning before that. I am a tech & science person, so I believe in numbers and statistics .... I will show evidence ... ☺

When I had the stroke my BP was 197/12+. If you noticed, before the session my BP was steadily pver 13+/9+ .... sometimes 13+/10+

I have taken around 8 readings just now. My BP is around 117/7+ .... 😊😊😊
Wow. This is a miracle. Considering it was quite high this morning and last night...