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Isaac Lim is trained in medical qigong by Master Tan and in Han Yang qigong by Grandmaster Shao who is attached to medical Qigong hospitals in China. Issac Lim is certified in medical qigong by the Ministry of Human Resources under NOSS/SKM. He is also a member of Malaysian Qigong Therapy Society & Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine. He is also a psychotherapist wide wide experience in psychosomatic illness and 20 years in the health industry. www.eftwonder.com
Email: izizlim@gmail.com
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Energy Science Qigong Workshop

A) The 3 Virtues Qigong Posture Fundamentals Workshop – 1 Day

At the end of the workshop you will be tested in how well you are able to draw the power of the universal energy, earth energy and your own energy to cause a force that will knock you backwards.


Energy Science Qigong seeks to interprets qigong scientifically and all students are taught thescientific basis and approach of qigong. Qigong is not superstition or even mystical. Other objectives of the ES qigong is to simplify and speed up the acquiring of qigong skills for self-wellness so that what would normally take years to learn can be achieved in a few months. ES Qigong approach to the learning of qigong as the three ‘S’
a)Simplicity – is not only about how easy it is to learn but how natural it is to incorporate in our daily life.
b)Speed – is not only about how fast you can become skillful but also how quickly we can achieve health.
c)Skill – is not only about how well you perform the exercises but how well you sustain your practice to achieve the ability to feel, understand and balance your chi.


Base on the four virtues of man which takes up all physical activity of man throughout their lives. Man is either engage in sleeping, sitting and standing or walking. They form the most common posture of man in biomechanics. We spend our whole lives carrying out these activities. It is therefore important to do it right. The right posture in these activities will help our bio-electromagnetic energy system flow optimally. When they flow unimpeded by correct postures the energy body can be enhance to increase our level of chi and the function of our chi flow and effectiveness. Our health will improve as every cell, tissue and organs will be in balance.

Energy Science Qigong seeks to keep us healthy using the 3 virtues qigong posture fundamentals.
a) Sleeping posture qigong to detox & circulate
b) Sitting posture qigong to cleanse & unblock
c) Standing qigong posture to energize & store

This is familiar to us and we need not learn something unfamiliar (just better) or do anything physically strenuous so all ages can benefit and finally helps us achieve and maintain better health in a short time.

Detoxing And Cleansing
Detoxing And Cleansing

Cleansing and detoxing is a vital part of Qigong. As only after removing these blocks can the chi move freely. By removing these blocks healing takes place as it allows the proper circulation of energy (Chi) body, lymphatic, cardiovascular and nervous system. This will bring about revitalizing and regenerating effect on the rest of our body and organs. A balance or homeostasis then occurs with both energy and physical body. This balance is our objective - where good health is achieved and sustained with Qigong.

Energizing & Store
Energizing & Store

Once we have correct postures, detox and unblock our bodies only then can we be able to enhance our chi by energizing our energy body. We are using a form of standing qigong to achieve this. We have modified it so that it will be even faster and more powerful. Standing qigong is also called standing like a tree qigong as trees tapped energy from the universe (primary sunlight) and water and nutrients from the earth. Instead of an hour or more of standing qigong our technique super boost our energy from all points and we will feel tingling and vibrations as our body becomes energize at all energy levels.

  1. We will draw energy from the universe and earth as energy is all around us.
  2. We will learn to move all our belt channels, yang and yin, inner orbit and energy field.
  3. We will enhance our energy field or aura which will protect us and increase our immune system. Stress and toxins in our environment decrease our energy fields and by practicing standing qigong we ensure our protective energy field is maintain and kept strong.
  4. We will learn to store and seal our chi in our lower Dan tian.

Our Treatment

Personal One To One Therapy

Isaac Lim offers personal therapy sessions removing physical and emotional pain with EFT, NLP, Medical Qigong and other healing modalities.

What Patients Are Saying.

"I suffered three days of migraine that pain killers could only dull for 3-4 hours but Isaac Lim removed it in 20 minute!"
Ms Wee -PJ

"I had been suffering from cramps on both legs for the past 5 years and it was getting worse. I dread going to sleep as I often wake up with agonizing cramps either on my calf, ankle or toes.I took muscle relaxant and Neurobion but it was of little help. I even used an electrode device to relief the cramping but it does not prevent it. After a particular painful episode of almost hourly cramps Isaac Lim did EFT for me and the next night there was only two slight cramps, the next day none, now this is day 16th. and there has been absolutely no cramps at all what a relief!
Mdm.Wee, Petaling Jaya

* Patients are to be committed in treatment schedules and should at least have 3 sessions for recovery to be more stable. All participants are considered to have taken medical checks that they are not suffering from fractures and other life threatening conditions. You may be required to go for medical diagnosis like ultrasound or blood test to comfirm recovery had taken place. Qigong and other therapeutic modalities are complementary and not necessary relacement for current medical treatment. Unlike drugs there are no reported negative side effects. Complementary therapies promoted here do not use drugs but neither does it disallow it. Any changes in drug prescribtion are by your medical doctors as your health improves. Participants are deem to have taken responsibility for their own health.

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