Welcome to Energy Science Qigong

What is Chi?

Our treatment uses Chi which is naturally occurring energy all around us. Like electricity it is hard to define but its existence and effect is apparent to those who experience it. Today scientific equipment are able to detect and measure the effects of chi emitted by Qigong practitioners. The existence of chi meridian is now accepted by American Medical Association just as acupuncture is now accepted by the United Nations for medical purposes.

Is Qigong religious in nature? No.

It‘s early beginning in China was purely medical but in its evolution many martial arts schools and religious group realizing its health benefits had incorporated and adopted it as part of their philosophy. Our Medical Qigong treatment goes back to its original purpose of being solely therapeutic to met the medical needs of all. China's National Qigong Science and research organisation requires qigong to have a scientific approach.

Are there any negative side effects? No.

In the hands of the trained Qigong practitioner it has no negative side effects only healing crisis as chi pushes open blockages. Slight discomfort and involuntary movement is experienced for a few minutes, this is a good indicator of chi shifting and balancing in the body meridians as it moves to bring healing. No drugs are used however Qigong does not replace but complements medical treatment.

Can everybody receive chi? Yes.

The Qigong practitioner hands emits infrared, electromagnetic and vibration energy which is felt as heat and tingling sensation by those who are sensitive. But if you feel nothing it is alright as the Qigong practitioner can feel yours and remove the blockages or depletion of chi in you. You can also learn self healing with Energy Science Qigong workshops.